The Far North Electoral Boundaries Commission was established by an amendment to the  Representation Act, 2015, to be made up of a current or former judge of a court in Ontario, the Chief Electoral Officer, a member of the faculty of a university in Ontario, and two community representatives who identify as Indigenous persons.

The Commission was to consider and make recommendations about the creation of at least one and no more than two additional electoral districts in the areas of Kenora—Rainy River and Timmins—James Bay.

To make its recommendations, the Commission was to take into account:

  • communities of interest;
  • representation of Indigenous people;
  • municipal and other administrative boundaries;
  • current population and the rate of population growth;
  • geographical features;
  • means of communication and transportation;
  • input from members of the Legislative Assembly who represent constituencies in Northern Ontario; and
  • input from other interested persons.

Commission Members